Arvind Singh


India is going through a transformative phase and I invite you to the part of Synergy as we strive to contribute in this transformational journey.

India is a young country. Our youth have boundless energy and unlimited potential. They have will and ambition to succeed. They brim with confidence, display “ can do “ attitude and are ready to compete with the best anywhere in the world. We welcome such people in our Events and Conferences business where we work with CXOs and senior leaders in large private and public sectors companies in over 52 countries.

Other facet of our activities are two third of our population who live in rural and semi urban India. Thanks to vibrant media, they have exposure to the products and services as in cities but lack access to such services due to the last mile issues. As responsible Indians, we try and make lives better for our fellow countrymen in the rural areas. But not as charity, but as a social business because that alone creates a viable and sustainable platform. To win over the world, we have to win over our internal challenges and bring more fellow Indians in the main stream activities.

We have embarked upon a challenging journey and I invite you to be part of it.

Best wishes and Jaihind

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