What We Do ?

Mobital (Mobile Hospital) units are specially designed to deliver one-stop solution to the health needs of the rural and sub urban residents. Each unit is equipped with all the modern diagnostic tools including ultra sound, ECG and full pathology lab. Two MBBS Doctors are deployed to serve the patients; one of the Doctors is a female Doctor. This is necessary to provide comfort to the women in the villages who are shy and may be reluctant to seek treatment from a male Doctor. Each Mobital unit has an on board pharmacy and provides medical check-ups, investigation facilities, awareness programs, post-natal services, and medication. We also intend to support immunization and other such government initiatives.

Why We do ?

Mobital, thus, brings healthcare to the doorstep of rural people. Patients are charged affordable fees; slightly higher than the charges levied at the government facilities and significantly lower than the rates charged by the private healthcare providers in the cities that may be 15 to 50 km away. Patients with Below Poverty Line (BPL) cards are offered 50% discount. As a social enterprise, we operate commercially viable and hence, sustainable operations that can be scaled up and serve more people to assist the societies achieve "Health for All".


To operate 1,000 Mobile Hospital Units across India, covering over 20,000 villages, providing affordable healthcare services to 15 crore people.

Mission - Health for all.

Statistics show that uninsured patients often fail to obtain preventative health care, as well as primary care for routine illnesses, because they have no consistent point of health care access. Too often, the lack of access causes uninsured patients to develop advanced diseases and seek treatment in the most expensive, accessible environments.

The mission of Mobital is to provide quality, affordable family health services to medically uninsured, underserved families in rural areas.

Current Operation

Mobital operates in Moonak area in Sangrur district in the state of Punjab

Punjab has some of the most progressive healthcare policies in the country. Over the past 4 months or so, we have served over 3000 patients with most of the patients being women. Many of them have benefited from the ultra sound available in the Mobital unit. Punjab Government has been very supportive of our approach. We plan to start more units within Sangrur District to gain critical size of operations before we move to other locations. We selected Moonak as the area to start as this area has the least developed healthcare services in the entire Punjab state.